insights banner that says Interactive Space in a gallery environment

Captivate your attendees and transport them somewhere else using Immersive Interactive Space. Immerse the audience in your content in HD or 4K resolution using Absen LED 2.6mm panels, with the option for rounded spaces utilizing the concave and convex curve capabilities. Hesitant to go with LED or worried about the cost? We can also create a similar space using projection.

Create a fully encapsulated environment with overhead kinetic lighting. The hoists allow for variable speeds and use micro winches for smooth movement. All of this is controllable via DMX from any standard lighting console. We can create many lighting positions and movements to change the scenery and sound to match your content perfectly.

The engagement element comes in with ۽’s Custom Interactive System, a one or multi-button system that triggers the effects within the space. Your attendees can control and change the content on the screen, the lighting overhead, and the sound all at once or with variations. The best part of all is the system is designed to be stand-alone. All technology elements will be preset with content and motion triggered by the Custom Interactive System, allowing attendees to engage and interact with your content thoroughly.

Product Features:

  • Create a fully immersive environment with LED or projection

  • HD and 4K resolutions available

  • Size and shape of the space is completely customizable

  • Kinetic Lighting overhead with preprogrammed positions, movement, and speeds

  • Custom Interactive System allows the audience to control different content, sound, and light movement