insights banner that says Making Grace Hopper's Vision Realized on stage

Moving an Industry Forward

The Grace Hopper Celebration is an event to strengthen the tech industry by helping women and non-binary individuals gain confidence and a foot in the door in a field of work that is often under-represented. ۽ was ecstatic to be able to bring together all the elements to put on one of the biggest shows we have ever done in a venue. 

Crafting the
Perfect Setup

Alford has put on over 7000 shows in its 39 years of existence.  Our expertise allows us to craft the perfect combination of hardware to tackle any task. Our goal with Grace Hopper pushed us to new heights with our audio mastery with the most audio equipment deployed for a show in our decades of successful events. 


Audio, Audio, Everywhere

No corner of this massive indoor venue had an audio signal that wasn’t pitch-perfect. ۽’s expertise created acoustic precision to cover the same space as 46 professional ice hockey rinks, 368 tennis courts, or 73 Olympic-sized swimming pools. 

Deck the Halls

Watch us unwrap all of our equipment that gets expertly shipped from our HQ to anywhere in the world and set it up for a magical show. 

Who was
Grace Hopper?

Grace Hopper at a UNIVAC computer

Grace Hopper was a pioneer in the early days of commercial electronic computers. Here are just some of her accomplishments in her fantastic career. 

  • She wrote the first computer manual titled A Manual of Operation for the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator for the Mark I, a large-scale automatic calculator. 

  • She designed one of the first compilers that translated instructions into computer code and is credited for coining the word compiler

  • She was the head programmer for the UNIVAC I, one of the first commercial electronic computers. 

  • She was crucial in creating Flow-Matic, the first English-language data-processing compiler. 

  • She developed COBOL, one of the first widely used advanced computer programming languages. 

  • She was the first Computer Science Man of the Year by the Data Processing Management Association in 1969. 

  • She was awarded the National Medal of Technology in 1991.

  • She was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016.

  • She is accredited for the first documented computer bug, a moth in a vacuum tube.